Your acceptance rate is calculated as a percentage of the total trips you are offered.

If you are offered 20 trips and you reject 3 of them, then your acceptance rate is 85%.

Rejecting a trip includes when you accept the trip and then go offline to make it go to someone else. 

You must maintain an acceptance rate of 85% or better. You will be shown your acceptance rate on the Driver Partner Weekly Earnings Statement, which is emailed to you at the beginning of each week.

REMEMBER! RideCo pays for empty distance after 5km when you are picking someone up.  Going for the longer pickups actually earns you more! 

You will have 2 weeks to get the rate up to an acceptable level. 

As of December 12th, 2016 we will be enforcing the acceptance rate requirement.

  • 1st infraction will result in a 2 day suspension

  • 2nd infraction will result in a 4 day suspension

  • 3rd infraction will result in a 7 day suspension

  • Further infractions will result in a review which could ultimately end with you being removed from the RideCo Platform.


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