Customer Service for RideSharing is a very important part of your success. Here are some Tips that will Help your get your ratings up and make you successful. 

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Obey All Traffic Laws

As required by law, you must obey all rules of the road, including signal lane changes, stop at an appropriate distance and obey speed limits. Pay attention to the traffic signs and changes in driving conditions. There should be absolutely no use of cellular devices when driving. Customers will inform us through complaints and comments if you were unsafe on the roads. The best course of action is to obey all traffic laws and signs. 



The biggest way to get higher ratings is to know your way around the city. Customers need to reach their destination quickly, and you knowing which roads are closed, or which routes have heavy traffic will help you get that 5-Star. If you do need to use GPS, consider turning off the volume or using earphones or a Bluetooth piece, because passengers do not enjoy listening to your GPS give directions.  



Having a positive attitude and interest in the customers trip or day will go far towards your goal. Smile, Say Hello, and see if your rider wants to talk or simply work/be quiet. If they want to talk, an easy way to start is to ask how their day is going, or small talk regarding the weather, sports or things going on in the city. Suggest coffee shops or restaurants as another one way to get started. 


Take a Ride as a passenger

This will really help you understand the experience your customers are having. Notice if the driver you get makes you want to give a 5 Star rating based upon things such as:

  • Greeting
  • Navigation
  • Conversation
  • Car Cleanliness
  • Safety
  • Driving Style

We will reimburse you for 2 trips (up to $10 each), to and from somewhere so that you can get an idea of the customer experience. 


Car Cleanliness

One of the most important things you can do is keep your vehicle clean, both inside and out. Vacuum and Clean the windows regularly, and wash your vehicle often. The age of the vehicle is not nearly as important as if it is clean and tidy. 

Also, be careful not to use too much fragrance products (air fresheners) as many passengers do not enjoy strong smells and are sensitive to such things. 

If possible, do not smoke in your vehicle between rides, as the odor is unpleasant to many passengers. 


Be aware of events

Know about what is happening in and around the region. This will help you both have conversations, know your way around, and be able to provide helpful tips to passengers. Things such as :

  • Exams at Universities, Colleges
  • Concerts & Festivals
  • Community Events on Holidays
  • Upcoming Weather Events (Storms)
  • Grand Openings or Launches
  • Political Events (Elections)

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