We are very excited to announce a feature we have been working on for a long time: RideCo Pulse

RideCo Pulse is a feature built for drivers, to help you earn more. In periods of High Demand or Low Supply, passengers will pay a bit more, and this will be paid as a pick-up bonus to drivers for each pick up during Pulse times.

This means you will earn more on each pick up whether its shared or not! In fact, during shared rides you may get many pick up bonuses, one for each pick up. 

We are also able to use our advanced technology to offer very small price increases to Passengers during this time while paying drivers more. 

To achieve this, we have also updated the app experience for drivers on our platform. As you can see on the screenshots below, you will know when Pulse is active. 

The new standby screen shows you when pulse is active, and what the average pick up bonus is for the region:

The new ride offer screen shows you exactly what the pick up bonus is for the specific ride you are being offered:

The new drive to screen will show you the bonus for the current ride you are on:

Another major feature is the offline screen. This new screen will show you the current Pulse Bonus Average and you can choose when to go online to start taking fares. You simply have to be logged in.

As you can see, this is a major update! We are working hard to make sure our RideCo Driver Platform users have the features and tools they need to earn more! 

RideCo Pulse will be activated throughout the upcoming days, and we rely on your feedback to make sure we fix any errors/issues you face. This is a new feature and we need your feedback to make it even better! 

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