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Guaranteed MINIMUM Shifts

We have a program through which you can pick up available shifts with a guaranteed minimum. They are posted when needed, and you will be notified and can pick up the shift. These shifts are generally for overnight and early morning, however we do add shifts as needed. 

During these times you will be paid your fare amounts or the minimum guaranteed rate above, if your fares do not meet that amount.

To ensure that passengers receive the best RideCo experience, our RideCo shift partners must follow these guidelines:

Shift Rules:

  1. When starting you shift, and when on standby during your shift, you must locate within a 5 minute drive of Downtown Kitchener Market.

  2. You must accept all ride offers during a shift

  3. When on standby, you are expected to idle and wait in generally the same location. If we see excessive driving, we will assume you are not dedicating yourself to RideCo.

  4. When on a 7 hour shift, you are allowed a 30 minute break. When on a 3-4 hour shift, you are allowed a 15 minute break. Do not take breaks during the first or last 30 minutes of your shift.

  5. Complete your trip and return to standby as soon as you dropoff the passenger.


Other Notes:

  • Do NOT accept any Standby Bonus Offers when on Shift. They will be removed. You may get suspended from the Shift Program if you accept Standby Bonus Offers.


Cancelling a Shift

  1. You must drop the shift in the When I Work app or website as soon as possible.

  2. If necessary, you may cancel a shift up to 12 hours before the start of the shift, only 1 time per week.

  3. In the event of an emergency, you may cancel less than 12 hours in advance but you must provide a valid reason.


  • The first violation will result in a warning via email and/or a phone call.

  • Any additional violations will result in a fine up to half the value of the shift.

  • If violations occur often, you may be suspended from the shift program.

By not adhering to these rules, passengers are unable to book, we may reject rides and service quality decreases.

Sign Up for the Program by filling out this form. You will be contacted with further information. 

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