The new standby bonus built in app feature has been a great success, and is allowing drivers to earn more!

RideCo has paid out to our drive partners over $10,000 with the new bonus over the testing period, and are making this an ongoing feature of the RideCo Platform. 

However, now that this is an ongoing feature, we do need to make some changes. Here are the requirements to stay in the program. 

New requirements:

  • We will be calculating a weekly bonus completed rate, known as Earned Rate. 
  • Your earned rate is the percentage of time that you successfully complete the bonus you accept. For example, if you accept 10 bonus offers and then complete 8 of then, your Earned Rate is 80%
  • If you can not complete a bonus offer, Do Not Accept It, very simple. 
  • You must stay online for the duration of the bonus, accept any local rides within the bonus duration, and if required you must relocate. 
  • IF the Earned Rate is lower than 75% you will be suspended from the bonus program for 1 week. 

The simple way to maintain this is to read & complete the offer that you accept. Make sure you are willing to complete the time and, if required, move to a different location. 

We will be calculating the Earned rate starting Monday Feb 27, 2016. We will personally contact anyone that is below required Earned Rate to follow up. 

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