Drivers will now be Suspended for breaking these rules

Please note that as of APRIL 24th, 2017 we will be suspending drivers that are not in compliance with the following rules. These rules are crucial to ensure compliance with the bylaw and for customer service. 

Please note the rules below:

  1. STICKERS - You MUST have 2 RideCo stickers on your vehicle at all times when driving with RideCo. If there is a report of missing stickers, you will be suspended from the platform for 3 days. 
  2. INCORRECT VEHICLE - If you are driving a vehicle, and this is not the vehicle on file with you AND selected from your list of vehicles correctly, you will be suspended from the platform for 3 days. 
  3. CLOSING APP AFTER ACCEPTING RIDES - If you accidentally accept a ride or can no longer go to pick the passenger up, you MUST GO OFFLINE before closing the app. If you close the app without going offline, you will be suspended for 1 week as this strands the passenger. 


If you need help with the stickers, or need to pick up 2 more stickers, please come by the office during Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday from 10am to 1pm, and Friday from 10am to 12pm. 

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